Making products for

the global world.


Nice to meet you.

My name is Phil Zet. I'm the founder of ZetStudios. My mission is to improve the world around me by doing something that I'm truly passionate about. We are a small decentralized studio with one goal: to create better digital products for the global world. Let's take a look at what makes our approach unique:


Every member of our team is a professional in his or her own area. We can achieve anything via collaboration.


In every project we combine great design, usability, and outstanding technical accomplishment.


Our team consists of people from different parts of the world. The synthesis of different perspectives creates better products.


Since our team is decentralized, we don’t need an office. For you, this means lower costs.


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P.S. You can also find Phil Zet, the founder, on Facebook, Instagram and GitHub.

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